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Selling on Post Shop
Creating your own shop online and start to sell your products across Ghana and beyond
What products can i sell on Post Shop?
You can sell products among the following categories: Clothing, Electronics, Home and Living, Sports, Beauty and Perfume, Toys, Food and Grocery Personalized Gifts. … If you your products does not fall under any of the categories please contact us.
What do i need to start selling on Post Shop?
To register as a venodr/seller, you need to give the following information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account details

You you will need: A Personal computer, printer, service.

Do I need different vendor account to be able to sell different categories of products
No, with one vendor account you can list all your products regardless of their categories, you will be charge based on the applicable commission rates of the categories.
How many products can i list?
There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on Post Shop.

Products Management

How to list product and start selling

Option 1 You can do that from your vendor dashboard after you have logged in your account.

  1. On the left menu in your dashboard click on Products
  2. Go to the top right corner of the new window that opens
  3. Click on Add New/Add New Product
  4. Fill the form that shows and submit

What the icons in your dashboard means

Icons meaning


Option 2 You can visit our office for a day training on how to list  your products. Option 3 IF you have no time, you can contact one of our specialist to list your products for you for free.

Where do i find all my products?

On the left menu in your dashboard click on Products. All your listed products are found there. You may  as as well explore other features

All products

On the left menu in your dashboard click on Products. All your listed products are found there. You may  as as well explore other features

All products

Order Management

How do i know when my product is bought?

In vendor dashboard, all your orders will appear under “Orders” > “Manage Orders”. Once a product is bought by a customer, it will land under “Pending”. You will also receive an email notification

Should I deliver order myself?
You are not allowed to deliver the items on your own, we have our courier and logistics team available to deliver items to customers.
What should I do when i do not have an that has been ordered?
Email our support team to verify if the customer would like the will like a different item, be it colour, size…
In case I am not able to perform certaing actions within my account, what should i do?
send mail to
When should I accept an Order?
You should accept an Order by setting the Pending order to Ready to ship within 36hrs.
How long do i Have as a vendor to drop off an order after it has been set to ready to ship?
Vendors have 24hours from when the order was set to ready to ship to drop off.
An order is cancelled after Drop-Off,What should i do?
email to

Products Returns

What is Post Shop return policy?
You can read out return policy here
How do i know my returns are available?
An email will be sent to you.
What do I do if my returns are damaged when getting them at the warehouse?
You need to reject the item at that point.  Post Shop would pay you the cost of the goods (selling price) displayed on the website less the commission of the item.
How long do i have to receive my failed delivery item?
7days (Minimum) and 30days (Maximum). You will have 21 days after receiving a notice to collect the item, beyond which the item will no longer be available to you. If a returned item was not made available for collection within 30 days from when the return item was shipped, you will be notified to send an invoice so that we can pay you the value of the item less commission
Can another person pick my return when i am not available?

Yes , the representative should have a valid ID and would need to come along with your you Post Shop number


Do i get paid as soon as an i tem is bought?

No, vendors are paid on weekly bases.  We take our agreed commission and you get paid based on the agreed terms?

How do I get paid?

You will be paid via bank transfer or through Mobile Money (MTN, TIGO Cash) on agreed times

How do I know what is being paid for?

From your account dashboard, under “payment” you will find history of all your sales.

What should I do if i do not receive my payment

send an email to

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